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Northville is a lively city, with a 150-year old history, that offers beautiful neighborhoods, a vibrant business district, first-rate schools and city services, historic buildings and settings, and plenty of parks and trails for relaxing, enjoying nature and staying active.

The city embraces its heritage with historic buildings in downtown Northville, neighborhoods that feature 19th Century homes, and unique historical sites.

Specialty shops, art galleries, theaters, restaurants and intriguing landmarks abound in the walkable downtown.

If you’re looking for green space, you’ll find it at the city’s numerous parks and trails – many with woods, ponds and rivers. Children and adults alike can explore and exercise in acres of green space – perfect for walking and running. City roads have plenty of bike lanes for leisure and serious bikers.

Come to Northville to experience all that makes this city a destination for quality living.

Propane Training

Questions and Answers about the 2018 Street Bond

A list of the commonly asked questions and their answers about the 2018 Street Bond on the November 6, 2018 Ballot. Read about it ...

Propane Training

Keeping you informed about the 2018 Street Bond on the Nov. ballot

A community forum on the street bond will be held Sept. 20, from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Community Center, 303 W. Main. A second forum will be held on Oct. 20, at the same location, from 1 to 3 p.m. Visit the website and social media sites for updates. City News will also have news about the bond issue. Sign up here.

City Council 

City Council Update - September 5, 2018

Public Comments
Kelly Breen, a member of the Novi City Council, introduced herself and noted that she is running for state representative in the 38th District.

Bill Flohr, a coach for Northville Varsity Baseball and coordinator of the Armed Forces Concert, asked City Council about being able to reserve Ford Field on May 17, 2019. Due to not having booked one year in advance, per City policy, and that a wedding is occurring at nearby Mill Race Village during part of that time, Flohr was advised by City Council to work it out with Mill Race Village.

New IT service provider – City Council awarded a service contract to I.T. Right, of Bath, MI, for a term of 10 years at an annual cost of $16,000 for the first three years, waiving a Request for Proposals (not needed for professional services). The contact takes effect Nov. 1, 2018. The City had been using Northville Township’s IT services on a contractual basis, but the growing demands on that IT Dept. made it too difficult to continue to perform service for two municipalities.

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City Council 

City Council Update - August 20, 2018

Zoning ordinance amendments were approved following the second reading (articles 18, 25, 26), which simplifies temporary uses. As such, food trucks will be allowed to operate in any zoning district on private property, as long as the vendor and property owner have registered that intent with the City. New temporary uses that will be overseen by the Building Dept. official but do not require a permit include the temporary installation of dumpsters and port-a-potties.

Permits will now be required for:

  1. seasonal sales of perishable items by non-profit entities on private property
  2. temporary outdoor special events held on private property where the general public is invited
  3. The temporary construction of a building or office
  4. A temporary emergency residence.

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