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Transparency & Compliance

Accountability & Transparency

To meet the requirements for Accountability & Transparency under CVTRS/CIP, eligible local units must:

  •  Annually certify to the Michigan Department of Treasury (form #4886) before December 1, they have produced and made readily available to the public:
    1. A Citizen's Guide of its most recent local finances, including recognition of its unfunded liabilities
    2. A Performance Dashboard
    3. A Debt Service Report containing a detailed listing of its debt service requirements, including, at a minimum, the issuance date, issuance amount, type of debt instrument, a listing of all revenues pledged to finance debt service by debt instrument, and a listing of the annual payment amounts until maturity
    4. A Projected Budget Report of revenues and expenditures including, at a minimum, the current fiscal year and a projection for the immediately following year and an explanation of the assumptions used for the projections
  • Submit a copy of their Citizen's Guide, Performance Dashboard, Debt Service Report and Projected Budget Report to the Michigan Department of Treasury.

Form 4886 - 2016

 Citizen's Guide
Citizen's Guide
2016 Debt Service Report
Projected Budget Report FY2017

Local Road Agency Transportation Employees
Form 2068 – Annual Certification of Employee-Related Conditions

OPEB Liability Summary Annual Report

Pension Liability Summary Annual Report