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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council Meeting May 1, 2017 meeting

Citizens comments: Christopher Maloney asked what is the process to get a monument erected to Martin Luther King. The City currently has no monuments of national figures and no policy for erecting a monument but will respond via e-mail or letter.

Ordinance for sidewalks closed due to construction: It was the first reading of an amendment to ordinance (Chapter 74, Article III) that would require a builder to provide a safe passage (alternate route, partial closure or temporary walkway) when a sidewalk in the City right-of-way is closed due to construction. The ordinance states that the sidewalk can’t be closed for more 90 days. City Council wants to add a handicap accessible requirement to the ordinance.

Grace Carpenter Alley update: Resident Joe Hoffman said he and his neighbors (three in total) are prepared to sign a special assessment to pay for adding a storm sewer to the City-owned alley that they had paved in April 2017. Joe asked the City to regrade the south portion of the alley for better drainage. Once the special assessment petition has been signed, the City engineer will gauge the project cost. City administration will prepare a report that includes the project cost with recommended assessment and payment terms.

City Council approved a two-year lawn maintenance and weed control contract to the low bidder, Xpert Lawn and Snow, of Ferndale, for $82,000. Bids obtained through the state’s bid program (MITN) came in as high as $130,000.

City Council agreed to extend the current contract with Waste Management for five years, with a 1.95% savings for residential customers and a 2% cost reduction for commercial customers in the first year. In the next four years, the rates will increase by 2% per year. As part of the contract, the company will collect compost material for two additional weeks, through Dec. 15.

City Council approved the replacement of 14 failing heating and cooling (PTAC) units inside residents’ apartments at Allen Terrace. Funds of $19,103 appropriated by Wayne County for 2015/2016 will be used on this purchase. Sherry Necelis, the director of Allen Terrace, will also submit a request to Wayne County for its 2017 appropriation to fund additional units, since all older PTAC units at the senior residence will be replaced.

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