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City Council Update

Highlights from the City Council meeting on Sept. 17, 2018.

Public comment: John Forslund, of 350 Lake St., in Cabbage Town, voiced his concern about whether the two storm drains on his street were effectively collecting water after heavy rains. He said his garage, which is on the low point of the street, flooded after an August rainfall. He asked about the schedule of cleaning for the storm drains and whether there might be a blockage in the pipes between Lake St. and Mill Pond. Council noted that the City would look into it and respond to him directly.

Status report of historic district – Elaine Robinson, architecture historian with the Commonwealth Group, and Sally Elminger, principal at Carlisle/Wortman Associates, made a presentation during the meeting. They noted that a public hearing is scheduled for Sept. 25, at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers concerning the final draft of the Historic District Study Report. It is one of three documents produced during the year-long, intensive-level survey. The other two documents are the Historic District Survey, a compilation of descriptions and photos of more than 300 properties and structures within the current boundaries; and the National Register nomination form, intended to update the current form on file with the National Register of Historic Places.

Horton Street (Oakwood Subdivision) – City Council approved a resolution to vacate the southern 400 feet of Horton St., between Hill and Maplewood, keeping it open for public access and utility work as needed. The approval came following a public hearing during the council meeting. As a result of the resolution, residents on Horton and nearby Novi Road will continue to be able to access Maplewood Park through this wooded passageway along Horton rather than allow for new homes to be built there.

Joint/crack sealing for streets – City Council approved a contract with Carr’s Outdoor Services, of Canton, MI, (low bidder) to perform joint/crack sealing of streets at $19,985 for 2018-2019. Council also directed that an additional $5,000 in repairs be made, since funds for this project were budgeted at $25,000. The only other bidder came in at $35,249.

Water meters – City Council approved the purchase of 10 new cellular-based water meters in the amount of $29,300 from Metron-Farnier, providing that the security aspect is sound. The proposal to Council stated that these meters allow for web connectivity and are user friendly for customers. The ones being purchased will replace meters larger than two inches. It is expected to save money for the City since meters would be read via computer – saving manpower; and prevent lost fees due to lower-than-actual readings.

Fish Hatchery Park retaining wall ¬– City Council approved a change order to the contract with TSP Environmental for $8,500 to reinforce the pond with sheet piling while the retaining wall is being repaired. This new method is being deployed because a previous attempt at draining the pond only drew water from other nearby ponds. (This was a new agenda item.)

Council Comments – Mayor Pro Tem Nancy Darga attended the Conference of Western Wayne September meeting (CWW) where Wayne County Executive Warren Evans updated attendees on the opioid crisis. He reported the number of deaths due to opioid overdoses has increased steadily in recent years in Wayne County. Nationally, it continues to be a problem in urban and rural communities.

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