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Public Works Department Overview

Public Works Director James Gallogly
Public Works Director
James Gallogly

Public Works Department
215 W. Main St.
Northville, MI 48167
Phone: 248-449-9930
Fax: 248-349-9244
Monday - Friday,
8:00am - 4:30pm

The Department of Public Works is primarily a maintenance organization responsible for performing the following tasks:

  • Operation and maintenance of Rural Hill and Oakwood Cemeteries
  • Maintenance of City Hall and surrounding properties
  • Maintenance of small parks and playgrounds within the City of Northville
  • Maintenance of Mill Race Village
  • Maintenance of miscellaneous City owned property
  • Planting new trees in public rights-of-way, as well as maintenance and trimming of City owned trees
  • Maintenance of downtown streetlighting, landscaping, sidewalks, parking structures, and parking lots
  • General setup, traffic control, and clean up of civic events
  • Fall leaf collection program
  • Maintenance of City bridges
  • Local and major street maintenance including road grading, traffic sign placement/replacement, patching, striping, repairs, and snowplowing
  • Provides solid waste collection services including trash, recyclables, compost, and household hazardous waste
  • Oversees the supply, storage, and distribution of drinking water
  • Maintenance of the City’s water system, wastewater collection system, and storm water collection system
  • Maintenance of City owned equipment
  • Mill Race Village is maintained by the Department of Public WorksIn addition to maintenance the Department of Public Works proposes and manages the City’s capital improvements for streets, parking lots, sidewalks, water systems, sewer systems, and the cemeteries.

    By far, it is the Department of Public Works performing these routine but critical activities, which maintains and improves the high quality of life in the City of Northville.

    How to Contact Us

    8:00am - 4:30pm
    Department of Public Works Office
    215 W. Main Street
    Northville, MI 48167

    Mission Statement

    The Department of Public Works is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Northville.

    Phone: 248-449-9930
    Fax: 248-349-9244

    After hours emergencies
    City of Northville Police Department
    215 W. Main Street
    Northville, MI 48167
    Phone: 248-349-1234.


    City employee retires from department of public works after 27 years

    As a retiree, Steve Heidt plans to balance work and relaxation. He will “work” on his hobbies, chiefly drag racing as well as rebuilding race car engines. His son Cody, a supervisor at the Northville Parks & Recreation Dept., often joins him in these pursuits. This winter, you’ll find Heidt in Florida until the last snowflake has melted in Michigan. Read about Steve's career with the City.