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Street Improvements

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Road reconstruction is complete for the season

As part of the City’s ongoing road improvement program, two main residential streets were repaired in the spring and summer 2017. East Cady Street, from Center to South Main in the business district, is being designed with specifications for future construction.

On High Street (W. Main to W. Dunlap), the asphalt road was repaved and new curbs and sidewalks were installed. On Elmsmere (E. Chigwidden to Coldspring), the concrete road and sidewalks were redone in an area that spans two subdivisions. In Pheasant Hills, the road was resurfaced with asphalt. In Abbey Knoll, spot repairs were made to the concrete.

On East Cady, the street will be redone after new building construction is erected on the south side of the street. The City’s master plan envisions residential, retail and commercial or light industrial usage of that property, which is currently owned by Northville Downs along with a small portion owned by the City.

The total cost for all three projects was $160,000 with no cost overruns.


Beck Road Travelers

Beck Road, between 8 and 9 Mile Road, was repaved and shoulder work was completed in early September. The road was widened for a center turn at 9 Mile that extends 1/2 mile south. A concrete curb and gutter was installed, along with a guardrail and other repairs to improve drainage. The nearly $1.7 million project was funded by the City of Novi and the federal government, and the City of Northville paid $70,000 for its assessed portion of the project, along the east portion of Beck Road between 8 Mile and 8-1/2 Mile.